About Us

We would like to welcome you to the official website of the consulate of the State of Eritrea in Toronto. This website will keep you informed on the various services that the consulate provides alongside updates on upcoming events. In addition, it will also serve as a convenient window through which you will be able to see and learn the many facets of Eritrea, the country, and its people.


At the Eritrean Consulate we aim to:

  • Bring our consular services right to your doorstep by allowing you to access our various consular services (visa, passport, Eritrean ID and other consular related matters) online.
  • Pillar, in liaison with the Eritrean Communities in Canada and surrounding countries from time to time,  announcements and updates on due dates regarding (Meetings, Festivals, Eritrean National days as well as other Social Events)  that are of interest to all Eritreans living in Canada and environ countries.
  • Build on the foundations of warm friendship and solid ties that already exist between the people of Eritrea and Canada.
  • Organize investment seminars, with key-note speakers from Eritrea, which is aimed to inform and update Canadian companies on the various investment opportunities that Eritrea’s abundant and unexploited underground natural resources (mainly mining) can offer prospective investors.
  • Furthermore, our friendly website, supported with its glamorous pictures, will guide you through a short tour around Eritrea introducing you to its unique characters as a country. If you are planning to visit Eritrea you will find reliable and up to date information on (latest  local news, weather updates, travel advises etc..) as well as links to relevant articles and official Eritrean websites. To conclude, after surfing our informative website we hope you have found it persuasive enough to take yourself or family on a trip to Eritrea and discover all that the country and its people have to offer.