Visa Information


Eritrea National Identification Card bearer are not required an entry visa.

Please read the following regulations carefully to ensure that this form is fully and properly completed in order to avoid delays.

1. The Application form should be filled out completely by every person intending to travel unless one is a Dependent and is included in a parent’s travel document.

2. A Recent passport-size photograph must be attached.

3. Proof of permanent resident is required if traveling with the none-Canadian passport.

4. Passport must be valid at least six months beyond the dates of the trip.

5. If you are traveling with Diplomatic or Official travel documents, a diplomatic note or a note verbal is required.

6. For a business visa, a letter from a sponsoring company, stating the purpose of the trip, should be enclosed.

7. certified Cheques, Money order, etc. are only accepted and is payable to the order of Consulate of Eritrea.

  • Only cashiers checks and money orders are acceptable and should be addressed to the ‘Consulate of Eritrea’
    • All fees are none refundable.
    • Visa Processing takes from 7 to 15 Business days.
    • Include a prepaid self-addressed envelope with one of the following Stamps:
      • Express Mail.
      • Purolator.
      • Federal Express Account Number, UPS etc..
    • The requirements can be changed at any time. Please call for an update.

Email the completed form and a copy of your passport to:-

  • We will contact you once your request is approved or incomplete application form. We appreciate your patients in the meantime.
    • FYI:- Until we call you for further details, the only thing you need to is to email us your Visa Application filled and a copy of your Passport/Travel Documents. 

Visa Type:-

· Tourist Visa ·    Official Visa ·   Business Visa ·    Employment-Visa
·  Student Visa ·    Other Visa ·      Transit Visa  

Visa – Processing Fee:-


Visa Type









Tourist Visa 65.00 80.00    
Business Visa 95.00  110.00 130.00 150.00
Employment Visa 95.00 110.00    
Other Visa 65.00 80.00    
Transit Visa 30.00  40.00    
15 and Under=> 32.50  40.00